Red Robin
There's a dual meaning in the title of my post today. First, I had dinner with DH (dear husband), DD (darling daughter) and "The Manfriend" at Red Robin. It's one of our favorites gourmet burger place. It was a very enjoyable and pleasant evening.

Second, I was inspired by my friend Robin from Houston, TX to continue on this project. Thanks, Robin!


Robin said...

Love it!!!! Glad to see your back with the project...I look forward to seeing it on a DAILY base...and thanks for the shout out :)

Fonda said...

Your back!

Fonda said...

So what did you order? I have only eaten at Red Robin once and it was with a large group...so I wasn't really impressed. But then again, I rarely am when I am eating with a large group since it seems to take so long to get your food.

Miss August said...

I ordered the Santa Fe Burger it had fire-roasted poblano pepper, guacamole, sauteed onions, crisp tortilla strips, lettuce and pepper-Jack cheese, served on an onion bun with ancho mayo. I had Long Island iced tea to go with it. :-)

You should try Red Robin again. We love their burgers! Is there a Red Robin in Houston?