Got Wine?
One of my favorite beverages to drink... especially red wine. A glass a day is good for you!


Robin said...

Like! Like what you did for Stacy's blog...thanks!

Fonda said...

I really don't know how you drink that stuff. A good glass of champagne every now and then is hood though.

Miss August said...

When I first started drinking wine, all I can drink is white zinfandel. Doug is wine enthusiast and he introduce me to many different varieties of wine. Through the years my palette started to mature. Now, one of the best thing I love about drinking good wine is I can taste and smell the different flavor, like oak, different berries, vanilla, coffee, peach even chocolate.

Hmmm... I think maybe this topic is worthy of a blog post. ;)

Fonda said...

Maybe the key word is "good". I still think all wine tastes like Boones Farm from my high school years. Gross!